Khmer Culture Field Trip to the Lost Empire


PHOTO COURTESY of the California Science Center: This picture depicts “Devata Statue”, one of the many statues and made out of sandstone.

Liana Ngauv, Co-Editor-In-Chief

The California Science Center recently premiered the new special exhibit Angkor: The Lost Empire of Cambodia and the Khmer Culture Club is taking this opportunity to explore their roots. The exhibit will have its doors open from Mar. 25th to Sept. 5th.

The tour features 120 ancient artifacts such as: sandstones, bronze statues and more. There’s also an IMAX movie and an exhibition of what was daily-life in the Khmer empire. 

PHOTO COURTESY OF @mhskhmerclub on Instagram: This picture depicts the 2021-2022 Khmer Culture Club outside room 553.

Ms. Glose, the Khmer Culture Club’s sponsor will take students on the field trip on Apr. 13 from 9am to 2pm. If you’d like to go, stop by Ms. Glose’s room, 553 ASAP.

“Second generational Khmer and Asian American students aren’t really in touch with their culture. The California Science Center exhibit has sculptures and artifacts to help students see and embrace their culture in a museum.” Co-president and COMPASS senior Baron Lim said. 

“Cambodians are very unrepresented in the Long Beach community. I think it’s important that we go on this field trip in order to be more in touch with our culture and project our learnt culture onto our lives,” Lim says.

The Khmer Culture Club meets in room 553, every other Wednesday. This club is open to everyone; remember that you do not have to be Cambodian to come support the community!