Mamma Mia Recap


PHOTO COURTESY OF Allyson Richter: Photo of Millikan’s Auditorium on opening night of Mamma Mia

Cali Tirado, Staff Reporter

This school year the Millikan Drama Department has been exploding with creativity. One of the best showcases of our school’s musical and theatrical talent was the Mama Mia production. The show consisted of students from all grade levels and pathways showcasing their amazing skills in theater and giving this production a spark that brought it to life. 

“The community was honestly the most successful thing, which is what made everything so next level,” says Mama Mia director and Millikan theater teacher, Mrs. Graham. “It was just the amount of people that put in so much time and worked together, and it really became a community. It was really amazing to watch the stage crew backstage learning the dances backstage and dancing and having fun and supporting each other. It was awesome.”

The show was breathtaking and the flashing lights and iconic ABBA songs sung by the amazing Mamma Mia cast brought the house down.

“I absolutely loved this cast! Everyone was so extremely hard working and put their absolute all into the performances!” Aya Sherian, a senior in QUEST, and the actress who played Donna, said. “The entire cast was just absolutely bursting with so much energy and charisma that really shined through in our performance! You can tell that everyone was truly so excited to be performing again.”

In the opinion of students and viewers, the play production was both successful and extremely entertaining. It was very colorful and eye-catching, as well as talent-filled. This year’s drama production was simply fantastical. 

PHOTO COURTESY OF Allyson Richter: The finale of Mamma Mia on opening night

“The musical is a great and worthwhile experience and the drama program has become like a family to me,” Molly Davis, a junior in COMPASS, and the actress that played Rosie, said. “I love Millikan’s drama program and I recommend it for anyone interested.”

Next up from the drama department is the annual drama showcase which takes place on May 28, 2022 in Millikan’s Auditorium. This showcase displays the talent of theater students and their growth throughout the school year here at Millikan. 

“For anyone who’s thinking about joining theater or any performing art, definitely do it,” Matthew Palacios, a junior in COMPASS, and the actor who played Bill, said. “It’s such a rewarding experience getting to share your talents and learn so much along the way.”

That is a wrap on Mama Mia Rams. Come back next year to see more amazing talent and skill the drama program assembles for the next show.