Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women


This is a poster created by FLA presenting statistics on Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women.

Laila Matin, Staff Reporter

According to the Coalition to Stop Violence Against Native Women, 506 Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women (MMIW) cases were found across 71 urban cities. 128 of these cases were those of missing Indigenous women, 280 were of murdered Indigenous women, and the remaining 98 of these cases were those of unknown status. The average age for missing and murdered Indigenous women was just 29 years old – only ten years older than some students here at Millikan.  

PHOTO BY: Laila Matin The booth where FLA members were handing out ribbons.

It’s important to remember the atrocious acts committed to the Indigenous women, something that our Female Leadership Academy (FLA) is trying to do. Millikan’s FLA hosted a Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women event on Friday, Mar. 25.  Crystal Duncan, a PEACE junior and FLA member who headed this event, stated, “For [Millikan’s] Missing Murdered Indigenous Women’s day, we had an event on the rally stage. We also passed out red ribbons.”  

These ribbons were handed out at lunch, with the red color symbolizing the MMIW movement. FLA also put together a slideshow presentation that teachers shared with their classes during their fourth period on Friday It is important to remember those missing and murdered Indigenous women, and to make sure that Indigenous women’s voices are no longer silenced.