Driver’s Ed Without the Ed?


Liana Ngauv, Co-Editor-In-Chief

Some parents might expect that as we get older, we take on more responsibilities. One of these responsibilities is driving on our own!

Among the many budget cuts of the ‘90s, the state of California pulled it’s funding for driver training classes.

I think driver’s education in schools would boost responsibility, confidence on the road, and the amount of students with permits in total. It’d also greatly warn soon-to-be drivers about the dangers of the road and DUIs.

According to a Statewide Evaluation by the Department of Motor Vehicles, the DMV written test has a 41% fail rate. The probability of failing on the first attempt is incredibly high. On my first attempt when undergoing my permit, I failed.

PHOTO COURTESY OF: Drew Hannon This picture depicts his driver’s permit.

Having driver’s ed and training in school will prepare students in a kinaesthetic environment which is beneficial to students who don’t solely learn visually. I had to learn how to get my permit purely visually on which was incredibly difficult considering I’m more of a kinaesthetic learner.

Anais Rocha, Millikan’s College and Career advisor, says, “Driver’s education should be taught in school because driving is a very scary thing [but it is] useful knowledge. It should be taught early on.”

Not only that but you don’t have to solely rely in a parent or guardian regarding driving tips especially considering most parents are very busy. If driver’s ed was taught in school, parents wouldn’t need to take time out of their day to teach.

When driver’s ed is taught early to students before they turn 18, it could be beneficial to young drivers so they learn and stick to the defensive driving habits. As a new driver, this would make me feel more secure and confident if every driver learnt the same standardized and defensive driving fundamentals.

Hopefully in the future, school boards put driver’s education into the curriculum as a requirement in school so not only young drivers feel safer, but all those on the road as a whole. Even though classes are not required in school, there are still kinaesthetic environment opportunities outside like driving schools.