Stream on “scholargame”

Picture of Dr. Rudmans Twitch Account

Picture of Dr. Rudman’s Twitch Account

Kassie Sainz, Staff Reporter

As the clock strikes six on the evening of each Tuesday and Wednesday, eager students find themselves racing onto Twitch, a live streaming platform, to join the broadcast of “scholargame.” This is the Twitch account run by none other than Dr. Rudman; a QUEST teacher of AP research, AP U.S. government/politics, and AP macroeconomics here at Millikan. 

The inspiration for creating “scholargame” came from Dr. Rudman’s own personal enjoyment of playing video games. 

“I’ve always liked to play video games,” says Dr. Rudman. “I realized that so do my students and thought the account would be a great way to share the enjoyment of a mutual hobby.” 

By joining the live stream, student viewers can participate in watching Dr. Rudman play games such as World of Warcraft and Magic: The Gathering. The account’s two times a week streaming schedule has allowed for students to form a stronger connection with him. 

Picture of Dr. Rudman: a teacher of AP research, AP U.S. government/politics, and AP macroeconomics here at Millikan

“It’s fun for them to log in and see me in a different setting,” Rudman states. “It’s helped them to get to know me a little bit better.” Dr. Rudman hopes that his activity on “scholargame” will leave students with a sense of validation that their hobbies are worth appreciating. 

“Playing video games is a perfectly healthy way to spend your time. It’s good to live a balanced life and to make room for fun.”

In the near future, new and old viewers can look forward to partaking in interactive content on the account. Rudman plans to host voting polls that will allow viewers to dictate his choices within games. 

Log into Twitch on Tuesdays and Wednesdays from 6-9 p.m. to join Dr. Rudman and his band of video game appreciators on “scholargame!