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PHOTO COURTESY OF Photo of a child from the Myanmar Rohingya Genocide showing how awful the situation is.

Sophie Bright and James Goddard

Grammy Nominations 2022:

The 64th annual Grammys are coming up and are scheduled for Monday, Jan. 31 (5-8:30 p.m. PST). They will be live on CBS and will also be streamed on Paramount+. 


FaceBook is to Blame for Myanmar Rohingya Genocide

Rohingya refugees are suing Facebook over their alleged role in fueling the Myanmar genocide. This genocide began in 2017 and just recently Facebook is getting blamed for its negligence. Allegedly their algorithm promoted hate speech and was unable to remove these kinds of posts.


United Nations $41 Billion to Afghanistan

Due to recent poverty rates spiking in Afghanistan, the United Nations donated $41 billion to provide life-saving assistance to those in need. “We aim through this program to help 183 million of the most vulnerable again, an increase from last year. And for this we’re looking for a record 41 billion dollars for the world’s humanitarian needs of the most needy in 2022,” Martin Griffiths of the Global Humanitarian Overview states.


Shutting Down Borders:

Because of the new Omicron COVID-19 variant, many countries across the world have shut down their borders. The U.S. has closed entrance to foreign nationals from southern African countries. Germany has deemed South Africa and other surrounding countries where the variant was discovered, high-risk for spread of the variant. These neighboring countries are also on a red-list for the UK. In both the UK and Germany, travelers have to be quarantined for about 10 days before being able to return to the public.


Taiwan’s Right to Self Defense:

As of Nov 15 2021, Chinese leader Xi Jinping stated, “We have the patience and are willing to strive for the prospect of peaceful reunification. But if the separatist forces of ‘Taiwan independence’ continue to provoke and cross the red line, we will have no choice but to take drastic measures.”This rift started in 1949 between Taiwan and China and there has been much debate if Taiwan should have their own independence, away from the Chinese government. The start of this conflict dates back to China’s Civil War. Fast forward and two decades of fighting later, the Chinese retreated to Taiwan. Tensions continued to rise over what government should rule, China or Taiwan.

This years photo for the annual grammy awards ceremony.