The Children of The Corn


Kezziah Hernandez

By Kezziah Hernandez
Co-Editor in Chief

Cornhole Club has made its way onto campus! The club’s sponsor is AP Macroeconomics teacher and AP World History Teacher Sean McWhorter here at Millikan. 

The club meets every Friday, playing Cornhole outside of room 567 and have set ups for the game where everybody is welcomed to play. The Club is relatively fresh, they only have one cornhole set. 

“It’s funny, we, in period 3, just kinda came up with it [the idea of cornhole club] jokingly and threw it out there, ‘we should start a Cornhole Club,’” says McWhorter. “Seeing their responses of ‘yeah, yeah for sure’ which I was like, ‘what really?’ I kinda let it [the idea] go and came right back to it and thought you know what it would be cool to have a Cornhole Club. I  figured I have sponsored clubs before in the past and thought, ‘Why not? This would be a fun one to sponsor.’” 

McWhorter’s Cornhole Club’s mission is for “everybody to socialize and have a good time. Ultimately, the idea here is to have fun, meet new people, socialize, and have some fun from playing.” 

Cornhole Club encourages both skilled and new players to stop by and enjoy the game. Although it is not mandatory, a donation to the club either in funds or in an additional corn hole set would be appreciated, or to bring in a set for club meeting days would be appreciated. 

Photo Courtesy of Sean McWhorter of club members playing Cornhole.