L.A. County Is Going Through Changes!


Chloe Pullman

By Chloe Pullman
Podcast Editor 

L.A. county has made it to the yellow tier which means there is now a minimal amount of new COVID-19 cases. COVID-19 has been a word thrown around so much, it seems you cannot talk to anyone without mentioning it at least three times. It has been in the headlines for over a year now, and has changed all of our lives in many different ways. Although the new CDC guidelines have relaxed mask mandates/rules for fully vaccinated individuals, L.A. County is continuing with masks in most instances. 


Los Angeles County map provides a visual of L.A. in the yellow tier.

Here are the new COVID guidelines in L.A. County.  If you are fully vaccinated you still need to wear a mask indoors when in public settings and businesses, at workplaces, and when traveling. People from more than one household cannot gather inside if they are not vaccinated, or when visiting an unvaccinated person who is or lives with a person at higher risk. When outdoors fully vaccinated people still need to wear masks at crowded events, in crowded spaces where you can’t stay six feet apart, in public settings when required by Public Health, and in businesses or facilities.

As of  June 1st, 70% of California’s adult population have received a COVID-19 shot, according to Governor Gavin Newsom. This is a great big step towards normalcy in L.A. County. 

Assistant Principal Cheryl Savio states, “With regard to the latest COVID guidelines, not too much has changed. Although Los Angeles County has moved to the yellow tier, Millikan is still following strict safety protocols to ensure everyone remains healthy for the remainder of the year. It does appear likely we will continue to practice distancing, mask wearing, and health screening protocol for the last few weeks we are in session.” 

Rules are changing, and these changes look different for each community. This progress is an extraordinary turn around for L.A. County. Continue to stay safe and keep up to date with all upcoming changes in guidelines.