Textbooks are a Thing of the Past


Soleil Mckoy, Staff Reporter

Lugging around multiple heavy textbooks is so old-school, especially when the majority of student work is researched and turned in completely online. 

This year, I have used one of the six textbooks I was given, and only a few times at that. The other five books are sitting under my bed, untouched since being handed to me at orientation. This is not uncommon for Millikan students. 

“I don’t use them ever. They are in a backpack under my desk collecting dust,” said MBA junior, Isaac Breland.

Textbooks are no longer necessary in the modern-day curriculum. They are restrictive, unnecessary, and heavy. 

Information is constantly at our fingertips. Using technology is much more efficient and convenient than flipping through hundreds of pages in a single textbook. 

On top of the hassle, textbooks are usually outdated in their content and can lack relevance in modern society. Using technology can provide more accurate and reliable information. Online articles are not only more accessible but updated much more frequently than print.  

A survey conducted in the campus library earlier this week revealed Millikan students of all grades and pathways agree textbooks are outdated. 17 out of 20 participants agreed that they would prefer online reading to textbooks. One participant said they would prefer textbooks. The other two are impartial.

Data of On-campus Survey

In addition, people may think reading a physical textbook is boring. It is much easier to pay attention to online articles as they are usually straight to the point, and easier to follow. There is something appealing about being able to have multiple in-depth answers as opposed to just one. 

There is no doubt, textbooks are heavy. Especially when you are carrying more than one at a time. Having an individual textbook for every class is unnecessary. I am occasionally required to bring one textbook to class, and even then my backpack is extremely heavy. I’ve started finding the content online and bringing a PDF to lighten the load.