Updates on Omicron


PHOTO COURTESY OF Cheryl Savio Photo provided by Covid Captains to reference Covid superheros.

Soleil Mckoy, Staff Reporter

Walking into class and seeing yet another substitute at your teacher’s desk is no longer surprising. Taking a seat next to an array of empty desks is not exactly shocking at this point.

The cause of the changing classroom dynamic is no secret, it’s Omicron. As this new COVID-19 variant surges the world, school faculty and students are facing major effects. But one question we are all asking is, will LBUSD continue to keep schools open?

Personally, I feel as if schools should stay open, I myself feel safe with mandates and safety precautions that LBUSD has implemented, and with COVID Captains monitoring our school, I know we’re in good hands.

Here at Millikan, we have two “COVID Captains,” Assistant Principals Cheryl Savio and Arinn Filer. 

“We are like COVID Superheroes. We stay in frequent communications with the district,” stated Filer. These captains keep up with the statements from LBUSD and stay up to date with anything COVID-related like supplies or notifying staff and students of exposure. The whole school was offered, and I received an at-home rapid antigen COVID test on the way out the main gate on Friday the 21st, which makes me feel that our school is giving us resources to stay safe. 

As the fourth-largest school district in California, LBUSD holds upwards of 70,000 students. Considering we have a large population of students with such diverse homelife situations, suspending in-person learning changes the equal opportunity we all have with high school learning. Trying to motivate yourself at home with all of the distractions is impossible for some and difficult for all. 

“Our top priority is keeping our schools open,” LBUSD Superintendent Jill A. Baker said in a statement to  Press-Telegram published on January 10, “The positive impact that in-person learning has on our students cannot be overstated. The best way to keep our schools open is to ensure students and staff have access to vaccines and testing.” Regardless of your personal opinions on the subject, Zoom doesn’t seem to be making its comeback. LBUSD schools are to remain open, so stay safe out there Rams!